Lmetals Importacao e Exportacao ltda – Brazil

About Us

   A-1 Logistics Ltda, is part of LMetals Group. has in its founders more than three decades of experience. It has extensive experience in all modes of cargo transportation, built on these many years of market. Offering a diverse range of customized logistics solutions and a highly qualified team that does not measure efforts to provide agile and dynamic services to our customers.

  Currently, our operational bases are strategically located in the southern region of Brazil, and we are able to operate in the most diverse ports of the world. Always looking for logistics partners that seek to optimize time and costs for customers. The excellence in services provided will always be in accordance with the specific needs of each customer, because after so many years of market the distinction of the needs of each client is something notorious and must be respected. Now, as part of MarcoPoloLine, A-1 Logisitcs, has the opportunity to open more and more markets, both for import and export.

The Services

Sea freight
Our strategic services are developed to meet the unique needs of each client. Partnership with strong and structured carriers create efficient logistics in the short term, this is the basis to guarantee our services.

Air Freight
Through our extensive network, we handle international air shipments. We work with a wide range of different airlines, always adapting the best deal to the customer.

Cargo Project
We have teams of project specialists in the main centers of the world, capable of planning and coordinating all the logistics from origin to destination. We take a systematic approach to the safety of our operations, giving customers the confidence to choose our services.

We offer strategically located warehouses, containing tools, procedures and systems that guarantee efficient solutions. We guarantee the distribution of your products so that they arrive in the right place, at the right time and at the right price.

Customs clearance
We understand the need for customs clearance to be efficient and agile. It is the element of the logistics chain closest to the customer. Our analysts can meet the local standards of each region and offer solutions specific to each client.

International insurance
Keeping cargo insured, whether on import or export is very important. It is up to customers to know that the cost is very low and indeed the need is present in such a globalized world.

We offer customers financial solutions in the intermediation of the purchase and sale of goods, with all the financial and logistical support that is necessary to attend our clients.  We understand that as agents of foreign trade, we must always remain partners with customers to encourage more purchases and sales of goods.

Bearing in mind that we propose ourselves as a company to cover the maximum of situations inherent to international logistics, acting and helping with customers, we offer inspection of goods, especially wooden products. Our team is very knowledgeable about these products and we can add situations that allow greater time savings and lower cost savings for customers.


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