Base International Freight Srl – Brexit

2020 year is surely a year to remember…not only for Covid 19 pandemic that shaken the entire world and overturned our lives and habits but also for the economic change that saw under the spotlights European Union and United Kingdom trying to find a deal for Brexit issue.

Despite the exit of United Kingdom from UE, luckily a compromise has been reached and relationship between UK and EU is now under a DEAL term.

Before all of this happened in December 2020, Base International started its process to preparation to Brexit time ago, regardless of DEAL or NO DEAL. It was very important for our Company to understand all the dynamics involved and being a reliable support for our clients, who need now more than ever, assistance and help. In fact, many were not – and are not – ready for this big change and they found themselves lost.

Base International has closed an important contract with a custom broker in England who will handle all custom operations both import and export for all UK shippers/consignees with no problem.

We sent the first trucks to UK at the beginning of January 2021 and all went well, they delivered all cargoes as planned with no delays. Our UK dept sent all the contacts of the UK consignees to our custom agent with prior notice. Once the groupage trailers have been loaded, our UK department has regularly issued the “Logistics Envelope” including all the MRNs in order to ease the boarding of the trucks in France.

We are giving our full help to our custom agent because UK is not ready at all for this big amount of clearances; each port in UK has different rules and procedures, tariff codes must be matched with the ones of EU and consignees are not completely aware about all of this. It seems that trips from UK to EU are facing more difficulties with consequently costs increases.

UK is one of the core business of Base International and we will do our best to keep going on and supporting this line by helping our current clients but also the new ones.

For inquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are here for you!