Nora & Nortranss Global Logistics – Ethiopia


OUR DJIBOUTI AND ETHIOPIA BRANCH As Nora Global Logistics, we launched our Djibouti branch in 2017 and Ethiopian branch offices in 2018 in order to carry out your shipments to/from East Africa in the most reliable, fast and professional way.

Djibouti is located in a strategically and geopolitically important position, geographically described as the promontory of the East African region. Therefore, it is the only gate of Ethiopia, which does not have a coast to the sea, that is open to sea transport. Ethiopia is the most preferred country due to its safe transition point from East Africa to Central African Countries, high and young population
ratio and infrastructure competencies.

Thanks to our experience and activities in the region and through our branches in EastAfrica, we are in a position that we are able to safely control all logistics and maritime transport activities to the south regions of Somalia (Berbera, Bosaso, Mogadishu ports and Hinterlant region) and Kenya in the south, to Eritrea and North Sudan in the north, and to South Sudan in the west. As Nora Global Logistics, we aim with our experience of over 20 years at providing our valued business partners with our service in the most reliable and fastest way in order to meet their logistics needs for sea and air shipments to the entire East Africa region, especially to Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia, and for road and railroad shipments to the interior regions of Africa.