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Shortage of containers in China – problem and solutions.

Containers shortage hit an all-time high this year. At the beginning of the year, due to the communication pandemic, the demand for raw materials and goods from China decreased. The ocean lines reduced the number of voyages and the capacity of vessels. In the third quarter of 2020, the world began to emerge from quarantine and the deferred demand was proceeded. The carriers and infrastructure were not ready for this expansion. There was an acute shortage of containers, shifts of vessels and delays in the schedules. Cargos flow from China to USA, Europe and other directions resumed, but there was practically no return cargo to China. As the results all freights rates of any kind were extremely increased.

A lot of clients are still searching for the ocean freight to St.Petersburg. However we suggest the route to Vladivostok by sea and then inland transportation by rail to St.Petersburg. It’s even cheaper than total cost for direct ocean freight to St.Petersburg. So we remind to use our own office’s forces in Vladivostok and continue to do our best in volatile market to support your business.