Everglobe Corporation

Trading services in USA and Latin America – INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS IN USA and SOUTH AMERICA

MarcoPoloLine is your network of offices strategically positioned in virtually every angle of the globe, giving us the advantage of being able to offer our clients a comprehensive service.

In order to enhance even more our services, MPL has a started a collaboration with Everglobe Corporation, based in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. which will offer to our exclusive MPL members the possibility to increase their business to and from America (USA . Central & Latin America).

Everglobe Corp is a trading company which offer search of suppliers within the U.S.A. for you or your clients. Also offers research of potential markets to Import / Export products to/ from USA and Latin America, worldwide.

As part of our agreement Everglobe will use exclusively our members in each country for the transportation and logistics needs of its direct clients which will also add business for our network.

Everglobe will ensure personalized care of all your clients needs for search of products, market research, trade fair participation and other trading services in USA and Latin America, which you can now also offer to your final clients trough this new MPL service.

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