FMG – Cross-booking issues

As you know, Russia is large country that borders with many neighbors countries. Very often these countries (such as Belarus, Moldavia) have no seaports. So the first action is logiс – to contact us to clarify some details with destination countries cooperation. And be sure – it’s the right move!

Looking ahead we also need to clarify that have limited but skilled bond truckers who can serve Central Asia region (Uzbekistan. Tajikistan and etc) via Novorossiysk port. And we have the first problem is appeared. How to make transit declarations if each country may has own HS codes?

This is usually overlooked but Russia and some countries have the agreement to use common HS codes under Eurasian Customs Union. It includes: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). In practice you can consider the following – if the goods were cleared at any mentioned countries at previous sentence then you no need to clear it again at final destination country. So you may clear it at crossing country.

In case final destination county has own customs clearance rules we can work with it but need to know full origin country HS codes and cargo description. Then we collect and compare it with Russian HS codes and destination country one (the cnee or his customs broker should provide it).

Last thing we need to point that in Russia and relative countries forwarding company never may be mentioned as the consignee in MBL. It’s not acceptable by local regulation.

We cannot clear the goods as the importer and cannot renominate or release DO to the right importer either. Local ocean carriers offices know it too pretty well. If you prefer to hide the real importer and has DO guarantee, then you need to put TO ORDER OR FMG SHIPPING AND FORWARDING into cnee’s box in MBL, but not direct one (FMG SHIPPING AND FORWARDING). Then we are able to provide the nomination.

So in Russia only real and direct cnee can be mentioned as the importer for customs. It concern only MBL, but not HBLs. You can issue any HBL you need to close the shipments.