Changes Occurring in the USA Market During Covid-19

In March 2020 when Covid was declared a “global pandemic” with 118,000 positive cases and 4,291 deaths. We were not prepared for the catastrophic consequences and the challenges we were to face personally, and as a company.  Today, as of May 2021 we have already accumulated 164 million positive cases and 2.41 million deaths. It is nearly impossible for any person to say they have not somehow been affected by this pandemic. In a past press release we commented how it affected the logistics area. However; we would like to address today how COVID has changed the market trends permanently in terms of selling in the USA as businesses begin to open up, and more citizens get vaccinated to bring back some sense of normalcy.

As freight forwarders, and a trading company we are always working with clients that are interested in selling or buying products; therefore, it is important to know about these trends. Our expertise will be referred specifically to the USA market. Additionally, it is well known that many other countries eventually follow the same path.

Main Changes and Trends:

  • Rapid changes at the marketing level because companies must address marketing and sales with new strategies, while adapting quickly to the changes in the way people purchase.
  • New and different ways of marketing your products digitally, also new ways of reaching your customers and boosting sales.
  • Diversification of distribution channels with an emphasis on urgent digital transformation.
  • Higher cost in logistics affecting the cost of goods. This is something we are constantly adjusting to daily as freight forwarders.

ON-LINE SALES. The E-Commerce field has exploded in the US with a dramatic jump to $4.8 trillion in the online sector of sales in 2020!  The long months of lock down, curfew hours, and stay at home orders overturned the market towards the E-markets. This trend will hardly change back again, thus the online sales are here to stay and a plan should be implemented for this change in consumer purchasing behavior.

Top US Online Companies in Order:

Amazon is no doubt the big player in the US and worldwide with 2.5 million sellers and 95 million of prime members. Which pay a monthly fee in exchange for unlimited 2 free day delivery, special pricing on selected products, and discounts within their retail stores of Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. Furthermore, Amazon is also an excellent way to enter to the US market in a fast and more direct way to reach millions of customers with brand awareness, sales, and more. Everglobe® offers various ways to enter to these markets through its own Amazon store. Please visit our store at to see how we can present your products to customers.

There is now the extensive use of other platforms in more specific markets or niche markets. The following are more emerging platforms to keep an eye on Shopify, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, or Alibaba, and RangeMe in the B2B trade.

There is also the need to get to our audience digitally, today is not only important to have an updated website but is important to have a social media presence and marketing strategy in place. Subject on the social media channels or even what mix of media channels you will use will depend on the objectives your company, and the audiences you are targeting. One thing is certain a digital strategy is a MUST in this post Covid times.

We can see how MPL is now taking this path and has successfully sponsored the OTO conferences, e-newsletters, and activated LinkedIn. These are great examples of adapting to the new trends. What is your online strategy? Are you offering your clients new options in these new trends?

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