Mappa Network

We are proud to welcome the following new partners in MPL this month!

Please, make sure that you are still working with a mpl partner, check our network list regularly and look at their mpl advisor profile! (ppp has to be protected)


The following companies have decided to NOT renew their membership this year, hoping to welcome them again next year!

  • CGL – China
  • CCS – Italy
  • Bleckmann Belgie – Belgium
  • Navico – Macedonia
  • Sameg – French Guiana
  • LVO nc – New Caledonia
  • LV Overseas – Reunion
  • International Freight Service – Tunisia
  • VGL Italy – Germany
  • Worldwide Logitics – USA
  • Swift Logistic Solutions – Egypt
  • Embarques Consolidades – Honduras


MPL Members