First Real Logistics branch office in China

Considering all the challenges that the year of 2020 brought us, we are very proud of our work in the times of a global pandemic. One of the most important news we would like to share is that we have opened a new branch office in the beginning of September. It is located in Chengdu, China so now Real Logistics can be found on two continents – and we are not planning to stop.

Rail freight on One-Belt-One-Road has always been our main priority. Therefore, the opening of a new office in China was only a matter of time. Why Chengdu? We chose this city because it is one of China’s most important railway junctions in international transport. For over a year we also have been running our LCL rail service Lodz-Chengdu and recently Chengdu-Warsaw as well. Thus, the choice was obvious. As the rail transport along the New Silk Road is our specialization, we are convinced that thanks to this location our cooperation with Chinese partners will now be even better.

In China, location of the office means prestige! That’s why we have decided to rent a space in the New Century Global Center – one of the largest buildings in the world in terms of area. We have also employed a qualified team of local specialists who work hard for our partners, helping them achieve the higher goals. What does a new branch mean to our partners?

  • shorter time of procedures thanks to elimination of time differences
  • finding and working with the best Chinese partners
  • organizing road transport in China

Real Logistics is having a fascinating time of building a brand on a different continent on a very demanding, Asian market. As an international team we want to thank everyone for believing in us and supporting us.

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